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Wainscoting is a great way to improve the personality of any room with minimal effort. Our new Wainscoting Designer will make designing and ordering this wonderful product a easy and hassle free experience for homeowners and contractors. We use a high quality MDF for our standard wainscoting products. We also offer a broad range of paneling materials suitable for both exterior and interior applications including HDF, Med-X, Extira, Azak, Valchromat, Bamboo and any other machinable sub-straight which we can quote for you. We produce all of our wall panels, wainscoting, ceilings, and soffits on highly efficient and accurate CNC machines which guarantee a good quality product at a great price. With so many sub-straights available, this paneling can now be used outside and last for many many years. A few key exterior areas where this product will work well in your home or office are under bay windows, porch ceilings, cornices, cladding door canopies, and shutters. All rooms inside your home or office can benefit from having hard wearing coverings such as stairs, halls, theater, game rooms, offices, exercise gyms, yoga studios, and of course living rooms, dinning rooms and bedrooms.

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Wainscote Designer

Starke Millwork Inc. Wainscoting Designer

Available in these colors

valchomat-yellow valchomat- lightgrey valchomat-violet valchomat-orange valchomat-red valchomat-green valchomat-grey valchomat-chocolate valchomat-brown valchomat-blue valchomat-black

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